Week 2 Rehearsal!!

Hey, How ya doin?

This Sunday we met up in San Marcos to work on the songs for the RANCH\HOUSE record.

The guys, David Beck and Dees Stribling, covered so much ground on the first rehearsal that we were able to dive really deep into these songs in the second time through.  

We really worked over several of the songs. "Simply Unaware", "White Hat Blues", "Pioneers in Art"  and "Love Like This" saw some really critical improvements.  A few of the songs we felt came out really solid the first time through and only need minor attention.  "The Real Thing", "Gotta Get Up", "The Nobody", "Around The Sun" are songs that feel really natural and came out pretty solid with out too much dissecting.  These songs are like family members to me.  They've been there for me in hard times.  I'm so excited that they finally get to come on up to the HOUSE. 

We were able to have some really fun and gratifying collaboration on "Pioneers in Art", a song which wildly swings from my favorite one, to my least favorite one, and now back up to favorite again as it has really transformed.  Really, it's impossible to pick a favorite out of these songs. They are all unique, interesting and inspiring.  

This Friday, we are going into to Fast Horse Studio in Austin, Tx for 3 days of intense long hours of recording time.   I didn't think about the fact that Austin City Limits is going on this weekend.  I hope I can get to the studio on time with all the crowd in town.  I think it will add a fun energy to the recording sessions to have all that excitement going on in town.  Cheers to ACL and Cheers to the new RANCH\HOUSE recording sessions coming this weekend!