RANCH\HOUSE is a Collaborative effort.  Since the record was released in January 2015, frontman S.Brady Dietert has been putting together a solid live band.  


The current RANCH\HOUSE crew:

Matt Carrell - Drums/Percussion

Dylan Ilseng - Bass Guitar


Guest Musicians

Elijah Stone - Fiddle (Frequent Special Guest)

Scott Lutz - Pedal Steel and Guitar 2




Ranch House is a Collaborative effort.  While all the songs are written by Stephen Brady Dietert, this project would never have happened had he not reconnected with the talented David Beck.  David was between projects and generously agreed to help produce this record. 

Various musical guest contributed on this record


- Phil Roach - Lead Guitar, Back Vox

- David Beck - Bass, Back Vox

- Dees Stribling - Drums, Percussion

- Elijah Stone - Fiddle

- Mendy Dietert - Vocals

- Marshi & Bruce Young - Backing Vocals

- Tex Smith - Vocals

- Peter Stafford - Lap Steel Guitar

- Zane Shahan -'30 Model A - 350 Small-Block Engine





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