Recording Sessions: 40 hrs in 3 days

I cannot convey to you in words how great it was to work with David Beck and Dees Stribling in the studio.  They responded very appropriately to the attitude of each song, and the production reflects very much the personality of songwriter Stephen Brady Dietert.    David Beck's experience producing other artists enabled him to be creative and influential without any ego or misdirection.  He could see the direction of each song as it was written and give positive constructive suggestions and ideas.  His hours at the control board were rigorous and energetic, always pushing for improvement.  

We were able to track all twelve songs in 3 days. We had to push ourselves pretty hard, but we did it.  Each song is a real adventure and the stories are told in an authentic way.  This collection of songs is going to be a real treat to listen to as they flow from one to another capturing life experiences with poignant lyrics and solid song construction.

The quality of the rhythm section is as good as it gets.  Dees Stribling cut his drum tracks so quickly and efficiently with all the attitude, style and flair that was called for, and David Beck's bass playing expanded the songs to a new level.  

We tried to maintain Authenticity in Brady's Voice and Guitar.  His unique style of guitar picking comes through on a hand full of songs and the urgency in his vocals almost prompt a call to action.  

We have one more 2 day recording session on Oct 25th and 26th where we will bring in all the collaborators. Phil Roach will be adding a layer of Lead Guitar to many of the songs.  Elijah Stone will be contributing Fiddle on a hand full of tracks and Peter Stafford will be playing some lap steel that will really set it off.  Tex Smith will be contributing some backing vocals along with Mendy Dietert, Marshi & Bruce Young.  

This record is shaping up into a dream come true.  I hope you all will find joy in it.