RANCH\HOUSE is a Hill-Country-Indie-Folk-Rock outfit from San Antonio,TX. Founder, S.Brady Dietert, is an architect living and working in San Antonio. He has been writing songs since 1995.  Being raised near a the small town of Kerrville, TX, on an old family ranch, he gained a peculiar point-of-view that is reflected in his songwriting and lyrics. He aspires to continue the strong storytelling tradition of Texas songwriting while blending elements of avant garde & indie rock styles.

S.Brady Dietert seeks to create songs that speak to the human spirit with honesty and optimism while acknowledging the enormous capacity to feel despair; he explores the experiences that take us there and bring us back.

S.B.D. left his small Hill Country village to play music in Austin in 2000. Then he went out west to Oceanside, California to surf for a year. He then returned to attend Texas State University in San Marcos 2002-2005 where he frequented The Cheatham Street Warehouse a place Kent Finlay considered songwriting night to be as sacred as church.  It is an environment where people actually think about poetry, lyrics and quality of craft. Since then, he has lived in Austin, College Station, Dallas, and currently lives in San Antonio where he is pursuing his career in architecture.  All the time finding the heart beat of each city, writing and playing music. 

Music is his compulsion...


The Mission

to create songs that speak to the human spirit with honesty and optimism while acknowledging the enormous capacity to feel despair and the experiences that take us there and bring us back.  

This Project Called RANCH\HOUSE....

- Collaborative

- Homage

- Respect

- Experimental

- Design 


I came to a point in song writing where I believed that it was all vanity.  However, I had been doing it so long, it was very hard to remove the process from my life.  It was a strong compulsion. 

It is easy to say musicians play music for attention, or actors act for attention, as if once you say that the whole charade has been found out. People have compulsions in life.  If you find yourself continually wanting to do something that does not harm yourself or others, why not oblige.  Entertain your compulsion and perhaps you get closer to your calling in life. 

The idea of dubbing this project "RANCH\HOUSE" is to admit that I am not seeking glory in my identity, but setting up a collaborative device to invite my friends and family "up to the house" to play music. The "\" means "escape" in computer programming language which is what this self-expression brings me, momentarily.    


My father's family has been raising livestock on the same piece of Texas land since 1882.  My great-grand-father built a modern home with a flat roof, wind turbine for electricity and intelligent sustainability strategies on his land in 1928.  He said that if he expected his wife to live in the middle of nowhere "she should have a modern home."

That house still exists today and one day I hope that I can restore it and make it modern again. Also, I hope that I can invite my amazing friends and family to come and record music there, in the middle of nowhere.  

This project is called "Ranch House" because it acknowledges the roots that I never want to forget and creates an open platform for collaboration, experimentation and creativity to invite anyone up to the house.