Why Record an Album Now?

I am blessed to have amazing inspirational people in my life.  I am a strong believer in the story of living.  When time calls, you can continue your routine, or you can act with urgency to appease the muse of inspiration that tries to lead you to your story.  Graphic Design Stephan Sagmeister said,  "Having guts always works out for me."  That is what I am doing here.  I am following my gut with guts! 

I have been writing songs since I was about 14 years old, 1995.  I had a really great garage band in High School that changed names every 6 months: "Cornbread Astro-Turf,"  "Mur", "No Show", and we were called "Wallys Toy" for several years.  When we graduated from High School in the year 2000, our great friends elected a song we wrote to be the graduation song for our class. It was called "The Graduation Song." 

After leaving our small Texas Hill Country village, Kerrville, we moved to Music City, Austin, TX. It was fun to play music with those guys.  We continued to play music throughout college, but we have all gone our separate ways since then. 

I spent many years writing songs and putting my energy into that effort.  I went to the Songwriter's Nights at Cheatham St. Warehouse for years listening to others and working on my craft.  I played music in a bunch of bars and music venues all over Texas. Now! I decided I wanted to record them, but I didn't know who could help me get it done right.  Then with perfect timing David Beck showed up with a pep-talk and a purpose.  He was the missing piece. I know that with his studio recording talent my songs are going to shine. 

The songs I have chosen to record really mean a lot to me.  They are songs that are tied to major life decisions and lessons that have helped shape my life.  Some are several years old and some are new. 

Before I get too swept away with my architectural career and other nonsense, it is time to document these songs and share them.  I am really excited!